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Lead Designer
Johan Munkestam (Zarkow)

MOD Founder
Hazem Salman (Nick Stone)

Johan Munkestam (Zarkow)

Mattias Spånglund (HellishER)

Head Modeler
Andreas Andersson (Unwanted)

Michal Reszka (Straha)
Jimmy Engström (Jimbo(Swe))
Peter Nilsson (Eekster)
Mattias Jansson (Funkadafi)
Tobias Gustafsson (TurboGlider)
Tal Shiar

Michal Reszka (Straha)
Mattias Jansson (Funkadafi)
Jimmy Andersson (Big Jim)

Jimmy Andersson (Big Jim)
Johan Munkestam (Zarkow)
Jonas Nilsson (Bufo)

Website Design and Development
Fredrik Reinius (Newman)
Johan Munkestam (Zarkow)

Research and Technical Consultant

Retired Members
Björn Gyltman (Vultus)
Fredrik Dahlström (Fred3d)
Richard Björling (Skuggan)
Kristoffer Dahlstrand (Epeius)
Magnus O. (Pixelpusher)
David Nilsson (Zlaxzzor)
Fredrik Reinius (Newman)
Johan Kamb (Xez)
Johan Pilestedt (Wazz)

Many thanks goes out to:
Rexman, Moseley, [JiF]Timmay! and others who developed the tools.

And last but not least:

--- Everybody in the community that has supported us! ---

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