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A mod for Battlefield 1942 and World in Conflict
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Battlefield 1942 Mod News, Fun Video und Event Info!
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 00:32    Post subject:  Battlefield 1942 Mod News, Fun Video und Event Info!   Mark this post and the followings unread 

So if anyone thought we're sleeping, let me say you are wrong.

A handfull of dev's still is alive and kicking and playing the good old game, the mother of all battles

While browsing some old websites I found this news-thread (2003) on and remembered how I liked this Cessna L-19/O-1 picture.
Unfortunately the plane newer was released and so ike became the job for v2.50.

Here some renders what he did in the last months...

For a long time we didn't hear anything from Sgt. Killboy formerly known as Steve of Destruction.

Of course we couldn't hear anything cause he was working very hard and concentrated.
That's about the size of it

Here some renders what he did in the last months...

Wow, looking very awesome.


...hand- and selfmade Vietcong weapons...

...are bad for the enemies too...

...are they?...

This is the VC-Blooper

A shotgun...

...and a pistol to say 'here I am, come get some'!

Some steel to find a way through the jungle...

... and if this doesn't suffice take this one...

...or the bayonett!

A way to cross the rivers...

...and roads

Finally we have a render of all these weapons and some more that is still in work.
Good job men!



Hi ALL FH-fans!!

We on PFC are celebrating our 5 YEAR Anniversary

Therefore WE GIVE YOU a special FUN-map day
With CRAZY gaming

- Car-Racing

- Gravityfree fighting





19.00 gmt+1




F|H Campaign 14 Battle #4

The Foothold at Eindhoven

In broad daylight the three parachute infantry regiments of the 101st Airborne Division descended with amazing accuracy on designated drop zones in Nazi-occupied Holland. It was September 17, 1944, and the Screaming Eagles were to play a vital role in Operation Market-Garden. Once the Allied armies had broken out of their D-Day beachhead and through the bocage, or hedgerow country, of France, they advanced rapidly. Disorganized German units retreated before them.

Fixed fortifications, known as the Siegfried Line or West Wall, barred a direct strike into Germany itself. In the northern area of Allied operations, British Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery had devised an ambitious plan to outflank the Siegfried Line and facilitate a drive directly into the Ruhr, the industrial heart of Germany. Montgomery's plan relied on the First Allied Airborne Army, of which the U.S. XVIII Airborne Corps, including the 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions, was a part. The commander of this army was Lt. Gen. Lewis H. Brereton.

The U.S. airborne troops, who had participated in the D-Day operations, had been resting and absorbing replacements in England since mid-July. For Market-Garden, it was hoped that the Americans, along with the British 1st Airborne Division, would launch a bold strike across the Maas, Waal and Neder Rijn (Rhine) rivers in Holland that would pave the way for ground troops to advance swiftly into Germany and end the war by Christmas of 1944.

Key to the success of Montgomery's plan would be the seizure of bridges across rivers and adjacent canals by the airborne troops and swift movement of ground forces up a single highway, spanning roughly 60 miles from the Allied lines in Belgium to the Dutch town of Arnhem. The troops would hold the bridges until relief appeared in the form of the British XXX Corps charging down the single road, crossing the bridges successively and arriving at Arnhem as the vanguard of a larger force pushing southeast into Germany.

The 101st would secure the southernmost bridges, including one over the Wilhelmina Canal at the town of Son, a pair spanning the Dommel River at St. Oedenrode and then four more over the Aar River near the town of Veghel. Eindhoven was also to be captured while the men of the 101st held open 15 miles of the road toward Arnhem for the XXX Corps' use. By the end of their service in Market-Garden, the men of the 101st would refer to this stretch of road as 'Hell's Highway.' Farther north, the 82nd Airborne was ordered to capture the bridge at Grave, the longest in Europe. The 82nd would also take one or more of the four bridges across the Maas-Waal Canal, another bridge over the Waal at Nijmegen and the area around the town of Groesbeek. The final leg of the XXX Corps' drive involved a dash from Nijmegen to Arnhem, where the British 1st Airborne was to capture and hold three bridges across the Rhine.


Server Password:

Server - Battle
Server IP:
Date: Saturday June 23rd, 2012
Time (GMT): 19:00 - 23:00
Time (CEST): 21:00 - 01:00
Time (BRA) : 16:00 - 20:00


FHSW Europe Crew invites you to serie of World War II campaign!

FHSW Europe Crew

World War II Tournament

Chapter VI:

Saturday, June 30th, 7PM CET
European Theatre of War
March 1945 - May 1945

Bombing the Reich March 1945
March 1945
Spurning Fate
March 1945
The Great Pursuit April 1945
April 1945
Seelow Heights
April 1945
Berlin Outskirts
April 1945
May 1945


a FREE modification for Battlefield 1942 Battlefield:Vietnam Battlefield 2

Maps in Arbeit bei EOD42

Spieler mit einem Kleinen-Rechner und Notebook konnte nicht alle Maps spielen, die Karten verursachen Lags oder andere Graphik Problemen
Zum Beispiel Operation Kingpin.
EOD startete einen Thread in sein Forum.

Operation Kingpin


Das Battlegoup42-Team hat immer etwas neues in sein Forum

lack of explosions

[flash width=250 height=250][/flash]

BattleGroup42 1.7 Map Browser
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