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A mod for Battlefield 1942 and World in Conflict
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zQuake Changelogg for Release 2: v0.30 beta
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2004 20:26    Post subject:  zQuake Changelogg for Release 2: v0.30 beta   Mark this post and the followings unread 

// zQuake PROJECT.LOG-file
// Maintained by: Johan 'Zarkow' Munkestam
// Release-version in order, added entrys in reversed order - i.e. entry at bottom of segment is newest.
// Small fixes or things I forget might not get into the LOG-file.

-=[ 0.30 ]=- {Public Beta Build 2: 2005-11-04 19:53 CET}
- Added: Rocket-explosion-sounds and travel-humming.
- Fixed: Rocketlauncher sound edited to include auto-reload-segment.
- Added: Sound for Boost-rocket explosion.
- Removed: Map Outpost. Too big when the increased player-speed couldn't be used.
- Added: New gory death-sound.
- Fixed: Railgun-simpelmesh colored to not deviate from the amazingly nice re-skin the railgun have recieved.
- Fixed: Both teams now speak USEnglish.
- Fixed: Rocketlauncher is now a semi-auto weapon.
- Fixed: AI-update so bots now can use the SSG-SG and CHG-MG-combos properly.
- Added: Sounds for handgrenade- throw, timer and explosion.
- Added: Load-image.

-=[ 0.20 ]=- {Public Beta Build 1: 2004-12-19 18:17}
- Fixed: Rail-effect tweaked.
- Added: New map, Outpost.
- Added: Lexicon-entrys about the maps.
- Fixed: Railguns zoom-level increased.
- Added: Visual vertical bars for health and ammo.
- Fixed: Ammo-refill-time for bullet-weapons slightly reduced, halfed for shells and slightly increased for rockets and slugs.

-=[ 0.19 ]=- {Internal Beta}
- Fixed: Lexicon-entry that choked the parsing for some entrys.
- Fixed: Tested, verified and removed all bulletinduced recoils. Don't affect direct-hits at all.

-=[ 0.18 ]=- {Internal Beta}
- Added: Medicbag-icon.
- Fixed: Reduced recoil on Hyperblaster.
- Fixed: Some Lexicon entrys.
- Added: Clear weapon-icon for kits with 3 weapons.
- Added: Boost-rockets got their own explosion-version.
- Fixed: Map TwoFort updated.

-=[ 0.17 ]=- {Internal Beta}
- Added: Sounds to Machinegun.
- Fixed: Players all have the same helmets, no matter what class they are.
- Fixed: All pockets, backpacks and extra stuff removed from player-kits.
- Added: Boost-rockets to Rocketlauncher.
- Fixed: Spread for Shotgun slightly reduced.
- Fixed: Tweaked rail-effect.
- Fixed: Increased life-time for bullet-decals.
- Fixed: Removed increased Player-speed due to client-predict issues.
- Fixed: RL-damage increased for both direct-hit and splash.
- Added: New font based on Q2s look.
- Fixed: New GUI for Ammo and Health.

-=[ 0.16 ]=- {Internal Beta Build: 2004-12-15 23:59}
- Fixed: Railgun-effect improved.
- Added: New map, TwoFort.
- Fixed: All weapon and kit-icons updated.
- Fixed: Player-speed increased: run forward 50%, 30% backward, 40% strafe, walk forward 20%, turn 50%. [removed]

-=[ 0.15 ]=- {Internal Beta}
- Fixed: Ammo-links reactivated for Chaingun-Machinegun and SuperShotgun-Shotgun.
- Added: CTF-sounds.
- Added: New weapon-icons.
- Added: New textures for the two teams: Red vs Blue.
- Added: Modified textures for Railgun and Rocketlauncher.
- Added: New minimap-icons.
- Fixed: More lexicon-entrys.

-=[ 0.14 ]=- {Internal Beta Build: 2004-12-14 21:45}
- Added: Sounds to Railgun.
- Fixed: Fall-damage reduced with 50%.
- Fixed: More Lexicon-entrys corrected.
- Fixed: Increased rail-speed with 100%.
- Fixed: Increased kick by shotguns.
- Fixed: Corrected spread for SuperShotgun.

-=[ 0.13 ]=- {Internal Beta}
- Fixed: Lowered number of initial rockets for Rocketlauncher again.
- Fixed: Collision-damage versus objects now synced with fall-damage against ground.
- Fixed: Projectile-speed for Hyperblaster increased with 60%.
- Fixed: Projectile-speed for Blaster increased with 50%.
- Added: Shotgun and SuperShotgun to medic-class.
- Added: Sounds to Shotgun.

-=[ 0.12 ]=- {Internal Beta Build: 2004-12-13 21:34}
- Fixed: Type5 used for Railgun-base instead of K98.
- Fixed: Effect for Railgun tweaked.
- Added: Railgun-sound.
- Fixed: Lowered number of initial cells for Railgun.
- Fixed: Increased number of initial rockets for Rocketlauncher.
- Fixed: More Lexicon-entrys.
- Added: Sound to Blaster.
- Fixed: Increased number of initial bullets for Machine- and Chaingun.
- Fixed: Reduced Railguns maxrange to 100m.

-=[ 0.11 ]=- {Internal Beta}
- Fixed: Horrible zombie-bug.

-=[ 0.10 ]=- {Internal Beta Build: 2004-12-11 15:59}
- Added: Rocketlauncher, GrenadeLauncher, Blaster, Hyperblaster, Machinegun, Chaingun, Railgun.
- Fixed: Gretly reduced fall-damage against ground.
- Added: New death-effect for soldiers.

...--- And So History Begins ---...


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