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If you for some odd reason have some money left when all the bills are payed, the kids have been fed and the computer upgraded...and feel like cheering some pale-white mod-creators with a small donation, then you are more than welcome!

Remember kids, it's not the size of the donation that matters -
it's the thought that counts! ;)

Question: So what do I get for donating anything to the team?
Answer: Not much. Some satisfaction and knowledge that you helped us during some hard times.

However, if you donate (in any currency) in the region of 100 SEK (~11 Euro, ~13 USD) or higher, you will automatically gain access to VIP-membership in our forums. You will recieve VIP-rank and have access to screens, movies and have the opportunity to gain access to public betas before other users.

Click the icon to support the team via Paypal

You are a Swedish player and rather do a bank-transfer?

Due to popular demand this option is now back.

Bank: S|E|B
Account-number: 5380 00 653 20

Don't forget to make a notification on the donation of your username in our forums!

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