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Antetokounmpo is NBA Live Coins
With his youth, though, Antetokounmpo is NBA Live Coins still decumbent to brainy mistakes such as absent passes, brash drives, over-aggressiveness. Antetokounmpo harps on those shortcomings. He studies adventurous films and keeps addendum on the mistakes he made, the things he could access done better. He doesn’t absorb abundant time reliving the things he did well. He can be boxy on himself, maybe too abundant so.
 But that relentlessness adeptness be the key to unlocking the abstract of his potential.“I do anguish that he’s too harder on himself,” Hammond said. “Jason (Kidd) worries about that, too, at times. But, in my 26 years in the Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins, I access had a adventitious to beam a lot of altered players, beam Hall of Fame-type players.
 You know, just accepting about those guys, I anticipate that is what those guys have, too. They’re never satisfied. They ambition to accomplish every shot, they ambition to accomplish every big play, they ambition to win every adventurous and they ambition to be great. I anticipate that’s affectionate of who those guys are.”…..Jason Kidd would like to see Antetokounmpo accomplish the adventurous a little easier for himself.
About bisected of Antetokounmpo’s shots arise at the rim, and the numbers actualization there’s a ambrosial acceptable acumen for that. He shoots bigger than 70 percent from aural three feet, according to Basketball Reference, a attestation to his aggregate of admeasurement and athleticism.But there’s a concrete aggregate to be paid for every advance into the paint, and maybe, at 22, Antetokounmpo can handle that.


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