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What is HTroop?
What is HTroop v1.0b81?

    HTroop v1.0b81 was created by Joshua Hales (known as Professor_Smith in the modding community, and Grand_Admiral on the Bf1942 servers).  Tehnically speaking, HTroop is what is called a Mini-Mod; a compilation of various other mods for Battlefield 1942, reading data from said other mods (such as Standardmeshes or models, Textures or artwork, Sounds, Animation, and more).

    However More Than 3/4th's of HTroop's scripting, has been rescripted or custom scripted, in order to make all of its incredibly complex mods it reads off of, work together, in creating a spectacular and cinematic form of gameplay.  In HTroop's 14+ years of creation and development, with a Modding Team of 1, more than 36,000 hours of editing, testing, and trips "back to the drawing board" (as I'm sure a lot of you know the feeling of); after a lot of advice from developers on the various forums (whom I am sincerely grateful for their help), and many playtesters over the years (whom I am absolutely grateful for their friendship, their devotion, and their patience), my intention was to create Bf1942's Game Engine's Potential, with an old school Arcade feel, with a mix of simulation (as an game where you may respawn over and over again as a different soldier or unit, is a simulation).  HTroop's simulation aspect is shown more in maps, such as Operation PointBlank (and HTroop original with data from EoD), Battle of Sky Fortress (an HTroop enhancement), or King of the Hill (another HTroop original).

*The Mods Required to run or play HTroop v1.0b81 are as follows:  Battlefield 1942 (v1.6 through v1.61b), Battlefield 1942:  The Road to Rome, Battlefield 1942:  Secret Weapons of World War II, Forgotten Hope (v0.7), The Great War (v0.14), Parallel World (v0.62),
BF Pirates (v1.0), Desert Combat (v0.7), DC Final (v0.8), and Silent Heroes (v1.2).

*Eve of Destruction v1.5 is included in HTroop v1.0b8's Full Installation Files.  I was given permission by its creator(s) to do this, as I was having trouble getting its complex meshes and such to work in conjunction with HTroop and other mods.  However, I really wanted to use aspects and objects from EoD, and was able to install Eve of Destruction v1.5 along with HTroop, within the Mods/HT_Data folder.  I do suggest downloading and playing EoD v2.51, as well as Every One of the mods I have listed above.  In my opinion, the above Mods' Creators, Their Teams, are all Virtuoso.

*Developer's Note:  While installing everything required to run/play HTroop v1.0b81, please remember to install HTroop v1.0b8, Second to Last, and HTroop's Essential Update to v1.0b81, Absolutely Last.  For those that wish to run an HTroop v1.0b81 server, all I ask is that credit for HTroop is given to Joshua Hales or Professor Smith, and before you start server side modding the server, and restricting access to bases, or integrating flying jeeps for example (as HTroop is not meant to be a spoof mod), that you allow your players to play HTroop v1.0b81 as it is.  In regards to a well running HTroop v1.0b81 Server, I have saved, a maplist.con file with what has (in my opinion and observation after running a vds on nfoservers for a few months), the best map order.  Within this order, servers are least likely to crash or reset, while switching between maps.  Some maps in HTroop will cause this depending on the order they are placed in.  This is only an annoying glitch, but can grow tiresome, unless the maplist.con is placed in an order in which (just like all of HTroop), the various mods it reads data from, will work together.  So, please if you run a server, contact me on HTroop's Forum, by PM or posting, at:

Thank You Everyone who has played or is planning on playing HTroop v1.0b81!  Please post YouTube videos of your gameplay, comments on any videos of HTroop you watch, and comments, experiences, tricks and maneauvers, on the forum.

*Gameplay Modifications:

*Gravity has been slightly modified, so as to simulate what soldiers of a specially trained type, can truly do on the battlefield (jumping over low fences & objects, jumping onto tanks so that they can either ride & repair, or attack more easily, and more).  This modification has not been increased so much as to make it too unrealistic.  Only more cinematic, allowing much more maneuverability not only as a soldier, but in vehicles as well.

*Soldiers can run a bit faster now.

*Soldier Hit Points have been increased to 60, instead of the original 30.

*Soldiers can jump from a bit higher heights, as well as slide down a steep embankment, in prone position, and not get killed; possibly only hurt.

*Vehicles' Hit Points & Armor have been increased, after reasearching the capabilities of the actual vehicles in WWII and other eras.  In doing so (and after modifications to the damage system as stated below), this has made vehicle combat longer lasting, and more challenging, depending more on the skills of the driver and gunners.

*Vehicles take longer to explode after being damaged (normally beyond repair), or after abandonment, littering the battefield (like an actual battlefield would be like), with repairable/takeable vehicles.  Many times in Singleplayer or CoOp modes, will see Bot Engineers repairing broken down vehicles, or vehicles with a little bit of fire starting to creep from their engine compartments.

*As stated slightly above, vehicles' physics, armor, and other scripting, have been modified, by comparing them to real world vehicles', giving them better handling, speed, grip, and providing all around better, and longer (more cinematic) vehicle combat.  Most ground vehicles can climb and grip much better than before, and new, amazing routes can be taken along most map's more difficult to traverse, terrain.

*Most tanks & artillery in HTroop, have either a secondary 3rd Person View, or a secondary zoomed view.  Otherwise, they have a secondary crosshair view.

*All Stationary MGs in HTroop now have a zoomed in, secondary view.  Pressing the C button, will goto the secondary, zoomed camera view.

*In almost every map in HTroop, every piece of equipment, every vehicle, and every stationary weapon, can be used by any of the two sides (Axis or Allied).  There are a few maps, that may restrict entrance by the opposite team due to the scenario presented.

*In a lot of server side mods I have played in, the server modders have made it so that the enemy team is harmed by entering the main/uncapturable bases.  In vanilla servers, I have run across many that restrict players from entering the same, for fear of being kicked or banned.  In HTroop, I have made it so that every main/uncapturable base, can be entered by the enemy, and if one team has taken all the other capturable control points, and there is nowhere else for the almost defeated team to spawn, as long as that team is taken out completely, and their enemy occupies their uncapturable base for 30 seconds (sometimes more depending on the map), the enemy occupying their main base, can prevent their enemy from ever respawning.  The tickets will bleed and they will win the map.  That is what the game is about, winning the maps; Total Victory!

*Medic Lockers/Boxes heal soldiers faster.

*Ammo Boxes resupply ammo faster.

*Land Vehicle Repair/Supply depots, Airstrip resupply ammo, and Helipad repair/supply lists have been adjusted for all mobile vehicles.

*when you are loading into a game of HTroop, especially when playing on a server, due to HTroop's drastic differences from other mods, and the immense amount of data HTroop must use from other mods, as well as the larger amount of resources used to run each map, please give the game 5 to 10 seconds or so (depending on your computer's personal gaming ability), before clicking the Ready Button after loading in.  Otherwise, the precache may not read over all the static objects and spawned objects, creating network issues on the client's end.



*The AI/Bots have been greatly enhanced in most HTroop maps, making them more formidable opponents.

*The Bot Engineers are very good about repairing vehicles

*The Bot Medics are very good about constandly throwing down First_Aid_Kits (as described below), and most of the time, healing themselves & player soldiers (but not every time, depending on their most important goal at the specific moment).

*I have reversed the position number order in many larger aircraft and some other vehicles, to make the bots want to jump in and fill all positions.  That way, when a player jumps in, they have a full crew.

*Bot Behaviours have been greatly modified, to make bots maneuver better in all vechiles, attacking more with each of them, moving more randomly and unexpectedly, instead of in patterns every time.

*In some maps, armies of bots will not stop until they have taken every control point, including the main, uncapturable control points.

*AI operating Tanks, will team up on players, and enemy bots, as if they were players, cooperating as a tank unit.  They will synchronize their movement to rotate their position as you rotate to catch their opponent in a compramising position.



*I have made more accurate & cinematic blood effects, smoke effects, explosion effects, vehicle effects, and more, compared to Vanilla Bf1942.

*Dead Soldiers' bodies stay where they died, for a longer period of time, increasing the realism and cinematic effect of bodies strewn across the battlefield, and having to move through them.

*There are so many more effects that I have placed into HTroop, but so much more than I can remember at the moment.

*New or Modified Personnel Weapons & Equipment:

*Allied Assault Kit:

*Browning_M2_50CalHMG (50 Caliber Machine Gun, with Scope)

*Allied & Axis Assault Kits:

*Nuclear Detcharge (This weapon, after thrown like a landmine, sets off an air siren, which runs for a 10 second count, warning all     within a 100 Meter Radius, that they're about do be destroyed unless they take cover.  Mainly, this weapon takes out biological entities [soldiers], but if vehicles are close enough, it will damage or destroy them as well.  The Nuclear Detcharge is the only weapon in HTroop's formidable arsenal, that Does Not resupply, no matter how long you stay within an ammo box's radius.)

*Axis Assault Kit:

*FmW_35 (Flamethrower; the fire from HTroop's Flamethrower, catches the ground and other materials on fire, burning/damaging
those that touch it or get too close to the flames.  Over a network though, the initial fire stream from the flamethrower damages soldiers & vehicles, but the fire burning on the ground, does not.  I am unsure why this happens, but I'm sure it has something to do with networkableinfo settings, or perhaps collision meshes.)

*Allied & Axis Scout Kits:

*Rocketpack (Originally taken from Bf1942's Secret Weapons of WWII, the Rocketpack still has a burst fire option, by pressing the
spacebar, but it also has a "super boost" trigger, operated by pressing the number 6 key, then using the trigger button to activate it, sending the scout far into the air for a quick escape, safe travel over a long distance, or quick travel in a motion similar to how dolphins jump out of the water and swim at the same time.)

*Allied Scout Kit:

*No4 Sniper Rifle (First of all, I have increased the firing speed & reload speed of the No4 Rifle, as well as the animation speed,
to match.  I have also made it so that it doesn't automatically get out of zoom mode, when you are zoomed in, to reload the rifle.  This means, you can more quickly take out your enemies, one after the other, while zoomed, without having to wait.  The rifle is now more accurate as well.)

*Axis Scout Kit:

*G_K43 (Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle.  I have simply made this rifle more accurate.)

*Axis Desert Scout Kit:

*GewehrgranatengerätGR (German gas/smoke grenade launcher.  This weapon lobs a grenade projectile, which in Singleplayer Mode, emits a poisonous gas, that affects only Allied soldiers.  Over a network though, the "gas" or smoke emitted only acts as a smoke screen.  I am unsure why this happens, but I'm sure it has something to do with networkableinfo settings, or perhaps collision meshes.)

*Both Axis & Allied Scout Kits:

*The Throwing/Combat Knife, called the FS_Fighting_Knife for the Allied, or the Ehrendolch_Dagger for the Axis (has been mainly given  to the Scouts of both teams, but can be found in other classes here and there as well, depending on the map.  I have successfully made the throwing knife seem like it is visually spinning through the air when thrown, and has a fast fire and pretty quick reload rate.  Used in melee, the knife moves very quickly, as if used by a true knife combat professional.  The bot scouts will actually take off with their rocketpack from ahead of a group of soldiers/tanks, then land behind or nearby enemy soldiers, and suddenly be throwing knives at them; a total stealth attack.)

*Both Axis & Allied Anti-Tank Kits (within appropriate maps):

*The Torpedo Launcher, called the M1A1X_60mmT for the Allies, and the Gyorai_Hasshasouchi_60mmT for the Axis (is a bazooka that fires small torpedos.  Make sure when firng it, that you are not hitting the sandbars or that there is enough depth for it to dive below the surface of the water, then rise to the surface to continue along to its target.)

*Also given to both axis & allied soldiers is a "buildable" stationary machine gun emplacement (which, after tossed to the ground, spawns a Stationary MG on a tall tripod with a shield, surrounded by sandbags.  The types of MGs created depends on which country you are playing.  2 additional, shielded ground MGs are also spawned on the right & left, just outside the sandbags for extra team support.  As in all Stationary MGs in HTroop, pressing the C button, will goto the secondary, zoomed camera view.  Be careful though, Right clicking will destroy the stat mg & you along with it.  I made it this way in case a placement mistake is made.)

*The Anti-Tank Grenade (#6 for Anti-Tank kits on both sides.  This grenade, though not very effective against soldiers, will usually destroy a light to heavy vehicle, if thrown directly onto said vehicle.  If the vehicle is larger though, such as a ship for example, it will require multiple anti-tank grenades thrown onto the deck.  Soldiers themselves, are only thrown back from the force of the blast.)

*Both Axis & Allied Medic Kits:

*Medpack (heals the Medic, extremely fast, making Medics that do it right [especially Bot Medics], harder to kill.)

*The First_Aid_Kit is a Throwable Medpack (which acts as a Stationary Healing point, with a 5 Meter Radius.  With multiple First_Aid_Kit's set at one point, a soldier can create a Super Healing effect for all within range.)

*Both Axis & Allied Engineer Kits:

*RepairPack (now has a faster rate of repair, and has more repair "ammo".)

*Most Allied Engineer Kits:

*Have Mobile Spawn Points (The U.S.'s, Brittain's, Russia's, Mobile Spawn Points are all flags and continue to move in the direction they are thrown or dropped.  Canada's Mobile Spawn Point is a wooden mug (as I could not find a canadian flag standardmesh that would work).  My choice of standardmesh used for Canada's MSP, is not meant as an offense in any way to the people of Canada, but simply something saying, "Raise your mugs in Unity and Reinforce your fellow soldiers!".  They too, are completely mobile, and continue to move in the direction thrown or dropped, passing through any solid object or surface.  France's Mobile Spawn Point, due to it's standardmesh's collision, travels for a short period, then lands on the ground.  France's MSP was also not meant as any sort of offense to the people of France.  Since it was hard finding something specifically French within the mod choices, I chose a bottle of champagne, in honor of one of my favorite WWII Movies, The Longest day; when the Frenchman, overjoyed with the Allied forces arrival to Free France from the clutch of Germany, and his desire to share the champagne with them, declaring, "Vive la France!".

*There are several or more maps, in which I was unable to get the MSP to work properly.  I replaced each Allied Engineer's MSP, with a Country Specific MSP_Replacement (this replacement is a spawnable light tank; a limited number can be spawned on one map, so use them sparingly.)

*Most Axis Engineer Kits:

*Have the Deployable_German_ClusterMG (This creates a Stationary Cluster of 4 versy, shielded Oerlikon MGs.  The main gun is assigned Key #4, making the bots jump into the other 3 positions more willingly.  The Main [#4] position, ratates the entire cluster 360 degrees;  the other 3 positions have a wide firing arc, while still preventing them from turning so far to the left and right, that they shoot their fellow soldiers.  The cluster has an Axis Spawnpoint attached to it, allowing soldiers to spawn into one of it's available positions, or to spawn around it if all positions are taken.  Barbed Wire and Poisonous Gas [which affects Only Allied soldiers], surrounds the cluster [the poisoning effect only works in Singleplayer Mode; otherwise, it is simply a "smokescreen" effect].  In the Main [#4] Position, the Main Operator may also Right Click on their mouse or equivalent key, to Destroy the Cluster and themselves in the process, including all soldiers in the other 3 positions.  This is only meant as a means to remove the cluster due to a positioning mistake, or as a means to Move the Shared Spawnpoint forward in the direction the Axis forces are attempting to move.  Of course, as in all stationary machine guns in HTroop, the Oerlikon MGs in the cluster, have a secondary, zoomed camera view, but this secondary camera view is only zoomed a short distance past the shield view.)

*There are several maps that the Deployable_German_ClusterMG would not function correctly, and was replaced with a "buildable" stationary machine gun emplacement (as in Anti-Tank).

*Some Allied Engineer Kits:

*Have the Shotgun (Take out 1 to 4 enemies at a time, depending on your skill and distance.)

*Some Axis Engineer Kits:

*MP40I (which now has better accuracy.)


*All Kits now have 6 weapons/equipment, instead of just 4.

*All WWII Weapons have been statistically researched, and compared to Bf1942's physics/damage system, making them more lethal (so head shots & center torso shots count as they should in real combat, while limb shots take longer to take a soldier down).  All the firearms have a small deviation when shot, and are therefore, more accurate.  This is simulate that HTroop and its Nemesis are all highly trained, specialists; the best of the best, and making the game and your ability to take out your oppenent, based more on your actual first person shooting skills.

*All explosives (grenades, landmines, exppacks, bombs, cannon shells, etc.) have likewise been compared to actual weapons from WWII, and therefore, do more damage, & have larger explosion radiuses (as well as better special effects that last long enough for the cinematic value, but not too long as to interfere with gameplay).

*Reload times and fire rates, have been increased for many weapons, to more realistic standards, and animations to match.

*Scope zooms have been slightly increased.

*Many weapons have an increased nuber of clips to give long periods of time on the battlefield, without having to resupply.

*There are now 6 landmines instead of 4.

*There are now 6 grenades instead of 4.  However only 4 anti-tank grenades are given to the Anti-Tank Kits.

*The AI/Bots actually responds to calls for Artillery, when using the Bicoculars.

*While the Bots know how to better use the Helicopters, within HTroop, they eventually still slam the CH-47 Assault, into the ground attempting to land or hover from great heights.  Until that time though, they will hover, attack targets, and fly troops over drop points.  In the Flettner, the Bots will seem many times, like they are going to crash, as they twist about, turning this way or that, but amongst the chaos of their flight, there is direction; in their sometimes random direction, is a deadly strafing of Rockets.



*I placed tracks/wheels onto the Allied LCVP (naval troop transport), allowing it to move further onto a beach, and beyond.  However, something to do with it's collision meshes, makes it fall/pass through bridges.  So avoid bridges (lol) with this vehicle when moving over land.

*I palced hovercrafts into HTroop, and corrected their movement physics, making them more controllable by both players and bots.

*I enhanced/modified the movement of the SpiderTiger, making the booster act as a speed booster (instead of a jump booster).  I also gave the SpiderTiger better grip & more climbing power.  I replaced the 2nd position's weapons, with a flamethrower (whose fire continues to burn as HTroop's personnel flamethrower effect, affecting soldiers and vehicles only in Singleplayer Mode; though the flame hitting soldiers & the ground around them, still effects them, initially doing damage).  I also gave the 2nd position, a timed, landmine launcher, with a random variable time limit on the mines exploding.

*I enhanced/modified the Field Marshal (originally called the Senkousha).  I moved it's main cannon to the neck/upper torso.  I replaced the "drill rocket" with 2 octagon flak guns.  I also increased its grip & power.  However, watch your movement down steep inclines and over deep ruts, as something to do with the collision mesh, or possibly something else, causes the Field Marshal in that situation, to fly into the air, flipping end over end (with some tricky maneuvering, a Field Marshal operator can stop this from happening).

*Planes in HTroop have more power & maneuverablity, with the ability to climb higher without stalling, until greater heights are reached.  They can do roll & loop maneuvers at ease; even large bombers, withhin limits, can do so (real feats that have been accomplished, with a little cinematic twist, as is the nature of HTroop.

*Larger Aircraft that have Bombracks, are more accurate for both bots & players.  Remember to drop your bombs a little early to adjust for my repositioning of the firearm positions, and momentum, gravity, etc.

*Helicopters are more easily controlled by both players and AI/Bots (much more so for players of course Smile.  Take it easy, relax, and with a few taps of your keys or controls, you will even out your chopper.  Amazing feats of maneuverablity can be accomplished with these new congigurations of scripts.

*Submarines now have an Operator's position, a Torpedo Gunnery position, and 4 passenger positions.  It doesn't look the best from the passenger camera view (as I am not a modeler; though I'd really appreciate it if a modeler would make submarine one could walk foward & aft within).

*All Submarine positions have cameras (allowing players to see beneath the water; warning, not all of Bf1942's land has texture below the water, so the deeper parts will be transparent; this is not an HTroop bug, but simply the game).  I have also made it so that the usual submarine hud/display does not appear, giving the operator(s) full, visual underwanter combat.

*Submarine Torpedos have been modified to allow for underwater, sub vs sub combat, or for sub vs ship combat.

*Horses have been integrated into HTroop from Bf1918 (and permission given long ago when I first integrated it, to use it in HTroop, and give credit to the Creators of the Bf1918, due to being unable to get Bf1918 to work with HTroop's cluster of mods it reads from.  Thank You Everyone from Bf1918 for making Horses in HTroop possible).  Horses within HTroop are modified to float through the water, as well as not to flip over too easily on the ground (just watch it when you turn, and don't try to ride up too steep of embankments too quickly).

*The ZepplinL30 has also been integrated into HTroop from Bf1918.  I worked with King of the Squirrels and Rotorhead (both modders/game designers on Bf1918's team), by scripting their new Battle Zepplin for Bf1918, perfecting its flight/movement and maneuverability, as well as its weaponry & weapon posititioning.  In doing so, they allowed me to place the ZepplinL30 into HTroop v1.0b81.  Together, we truly made a magnificent piece of art; a air carrier for the Axis, armed with a bombrack, artillery turrets, and defended by synced AA guns from the FlakPanzer.  These create a curtain of flak on each side of the ZepplinL30, making it in all, a tough opponent to overcome (as long as it stays in the air).  The ZepplinL30 has specially scripted planes that spawn attached to is deck, and drop from itself once a soldier enters each aircraft.  If the ZepplinL30 is high enough in the air, the dropped plane's pilot will have enough time & space between them and the ground, to pull up, and enter the battle.  However these specially scripted planes, have a limited amount of fuel.  The ZepplinL30 has its own soldier spawns as well.  There are different spawns for players than bots.

*Remaming it to the Wasserford Rocket, I modified the Wasserfall Anti-Aircraft Rocket, to be a bit larger, faster, and more maneuverable.  I also turned it into a powerfull  nuclear rocket, able to set off a nuclear explosion when it hits any solid object (nose first), or its self destruct trigger is hit, or it is destroyed in mid-flight.  A comical photo of one of my playtesters at the time was placed on the new Wasserford Rocket's hull, in credit to that playtester's idea to make said modifications to the Wasserfall Rocket.  Make sure you aim the rocket on its new platform, away from any structures before firing.

*Battleship's & Destroyer's Cannon Cameras ghave been modified to move with the gun turrets, instead of seperately, allowing for better targetting.  Ship weapon emplacements now have secondary, zoomed in positions (press the C or camera key as usual to switch to this view).

*Ship Cannons' projectile positions have been moved forward, so as not to hit/damage their own vessel, when the cannons are at their lowest Y axis position.

*Most Aircraft MGs and Other Vehicle MGs, have had their allowed rotation arcs, increased, without allowing them to shoot the vehicle they are attached to.

*AA Guns in HTroop not only have a faster pivoting speed, and more power to their attacks, but have radar/sonar attached, to be better prepared for incoming attacks.

*All vehicles with radar/sonar attached can now detect not only aircraft, ground units, and sea units, but sometimes also cannon shells & torpedos fired at the vehicle they are attached to.

*All Ships' Player Controlled positions (vehicle's seats as they called in scripting), except for the carriers' bridge position, have a revealed soldier when positions are filled.  This means that a soldier in one of these positions can be damaged and killed, whether by an enemy soldier aboard their ship, or an explosion from a bomb, flames caused by aircraft MGs igniting "systems" within the ship, or other means.

*As mentioned just above, planes firing their Machine Guns at ships', cause fire & smoke effects to form on ships where they hit, making it more cinematic, as if systems are being destroyed/fuel lines ignited.

*Explosive shells, bombs from aircraft, & other explosives, cause fire & smoke effects, to emit from a ship's hull as well, where they are hit.

*Torpedos cause flame & smoke to crawl up a ship's hull, when the ship is hit.



*I corrected all maps' landing zones, so that bots actually get out of troop/beach landing boats, and parachute from planes.

*I also adjusted starting tickets and ticket counts in all maps.

*I adjusted spawnpoints, upgraded and modified AI scripting, adjusted/changed spawn templates, placed custom objects, standardmeshes, textures, and more, where needed.

*I edited every released map's briefing to give a more detailed history regarding the map, or at least an explanation of what each induvidual map is about, and who originally created it (if it is a custom map).

*As you can see below, I have not only created a some of my own maps, but I have downloaded and converted a large number of maps to work with HTroop.  I have also enhanced the maps (as well as everything within HTroop) to lengthen combat, and make a more arcade style of gameplay.  If at any time, you find a map within HTroop that you created, and the map's briefing does not have you listed as the author/creator, or you were not contacted regarding permission, my apologies.  I did extensive research on the creators of each and every map, and my not contacting each creator, is due to my inability to find the proper contact information for them online, or finding old email addresses, or their website being under construction (or non existant).  If this occurs, please do not call up the attorneys (lol).  Just contact Professor Smith at: and give me permission to keep your map in HTroop, showing everyone your map(s) being played in Arcade Style Game Play, or deny me permission, and your map(s) will be removed respectfully, unless you (the map creator) decide otherwise at a later time, to allow it.  If you give me permission, or simply notice (as I mentioned above) that I haven't given you proper credit, I will gladly place your real name or your modding name (or call sign), into the briefing of your map(s), as well as your website address if you wish.  If you have anything else you would like add to your map's briefing, please tell me as well.  I would also like to apologize for any maps for which I have not given a detailed briefing.  I will do my best to update them in the next update after v1.0b81, and definitely before the final release.  I will gladly give anyone credit in a briefing, for those that wish to submit comments and testimonials for the maps.  Please remember though, that there is limited space for briefings (roughly 7 to 10 lines at the most; any additional is cut off the the briefing box).

The 149 Maps Currently In HTroop v1.0b81

Aberdeen Sandstorm
AGM Tundra
Airfield Assault
All Along The Watchtower
Amel Gate
An Lao Valley
Arcy Labirynth
Argon Forest
Assault on Crete
Bastoge Coop
Battle At Ling Chow
Battle for Ralfi
Battle of 73 Easting II
Battle of Britain
Battle of Dien_Bien_Phu
Battle of the_Bulge
Battle of Hue SP
Battle Of Mount Happy Jappy
Battle of Sky
Battle Over The Roer
Beach Party
Belly of the Beast
Berlin Airborne Operation
Berlin Hitlers Bunker
Berlin Under Siege
Big Gun Jill
Black Mantis
Bluie West Eight
Canyon Siege
Cerbere Landing
Charlie Five
cliffs of Insanity
CLIII Battlezone
Coral Sea
D Day
Dak Pek
Danube Blues
Day at The Races
DC Gunship Assault SP
DC Prison Camp Lockdown
DC Urban Siege
DC Whiskey Mountain
Defgun Hell
Desert Rats
Die Sturmgewehr
Dog Fight Rain of Fire
Dolphin Island Peak
Dr B Alaska
Drang Valley
Eagles Nest
Eastern Front
El Alamein
El Rajhi Pass
El Volcano
Enemy at the Gates
Faid Pass
Fall of Berlin
Fort Fisher
For Whom the Bell Tolls
French Hills
French Town
Gauntlet Aces
German Production Facility
Golf of Oman
Gothic Line
Guadal Canal
Highway Tampa
Hill Four Hundred
Huertgen Forest
Operation Husky
Invasion of NewFoundLand
Invasion of the Philippines
Island Airstrip
Island Hopping
Iwo Jima
Jasiko Marsh
Jocoseness Rats SP
Kasserine Pass
Kbely Airfield
Kellys Heroes
King of the Hill
King of the Island
kokoda Trail SP
KotF European City
KotF Pacific Islands
KotF Railway Bridge
Kuwait Harbor
Kwai River
Landing Beach
Langhoffen Square
LD Omaha Day1
LD PointduHoc
Liberation of Caen
Omaha Beach
Operation Marlboro
Op Market Garden
Operation PointBlank
Pit Fight
The Convoy
The Gear Forest
The Rice Paddies
Winter Storm


The 98 Maps I Must Still Finish Correcting For Network Games

Mansion of the Snake
Mill Valley
Mine Shaft
Monte Cassino
Mp rocket
Norway SinglePlayer
On the Desk
Op Hillside
Operation Ali Baba
operation bagration
Operation Chariot2
Operation Fight It Out
Operation Forager
Operation Frostbite
Operation Goodwood-1944
Operation Luttich
Operation MAGPIE
Operation Rolling Barrage
Operation Sealion
operation Snowy Nights
Operation Torch
Operation Wolf
Papa Oscar Whiskey
Pacific Railroad
Pegasus Bridge
Piti MultiMod
Pointe Du Hoc
Radar Post Take Out
Raid On Agheila
Rheinmetall Panzer
River Patrol
Riverside City
Russian Country
Sadiz Assault
Saigon City
Santo Croce
SH Arena
Shi No Numa
Siege of Yorktown
South of Caen
Soviet Airbase
Sunset Hill
Supply Line
Surviving the Hole
Take the Island
Tank Wars
Tankers Hell
The Bridge
The Battlefield
The Crossroad
The Gauntlet
the Great Pursuit
The Night of Nights
The Ranch
The Road to Berlin
The Struggle For France
The Tower
Tiger Ace
Truong Son Chasm
Tunnel Rats
Tunnels of Cu Chi
Village Life
Valley of the Damned
Way to Stalingrad
Wake Evenings
War in the Pacific
WDW Qala I Jangi Prison
WDW Western Desert
Yard by Yard


*All in All, the best way to find out what HTroop v1.0b81 is all about, and what makes it so different than any other Bf1942 mod many have played, is simply to play it; try everything, and share your personal opinion about HTroop.  Thank You All Again!

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