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World of Warcraft Classic: How to choose the right starting classes for your TBC vers
Preface: Recently, there has been more and more discussion about the TBC version in World of Warcraft Classic Games, from if and when the TBC version will be open, to what time the TBC version will be open, and now the discussion has started about the choice of the first classes for the TBC version. While Blizzard hasn't explicitly said whether or not the TBC version is open, it's pretty much a done deal from what Blizzard has done from opening it up in the classic game to now. Since the TBC version is destined to be open, we might as well talk about the players are more concerned about the choice of the first classes. Cheap wow classic gold

The version number in TBC Classic games always starts with 2

One thing that needs to be determined before talking about the first release classes is the version in the TBC Classic game, many players are used to thinking that the TBC version is version 3.13, but it's not at all. 3.13 version is just an alternative version, the real TBC only continues to 2.43 version, even if Blizzard open TBC classic game, only may be 2.43 based on the production of the 2.44 version, just like in today's classic games, also did not use the version after 2.0.

Since the version number starts with 2, there's naturally no such thing as punishing riding invincibility, and even fighters don't have the powerful PVP skill of a great windmill.

Selecting the first classes by DPS level

In all versions of World of Warcraft, the DPS level directly determines the strength or weakness of classes and even the employment rate of classes.

There are four strong DPS classes in the TBC version, namely Warlock, Hunter, Thief, and Berserker. This one warlock and hunter is classes mechanism leads to strong, while the thief and berserker is completely supported by equipment, especially the double egg knife. Therefore, for those who like to play DPS or punch list of the local heroes, you can choose the thief and berserker, ordinary players are best to choose the hunter and warlock, these two classes of equipment requirements are not so high, but can play a good injury.

Choose starting classes based on PVP ability.

In the TBC version with the arena, so a classes PVP ability is crucial, and in all the classes, mages and thieves are the highest PVP ability, no matter flagging, or arena performance is very good, and mages and thieves no matter playing 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 are not worried about finding a team. The other classes are either lacking in ability, or it's hard to find the right matchups, or they're tired of playing, like Warrior Druid if vs Warrior Druid, which is basically a matter of character.

Selecting initial classes by employment rate

The employment rate of classes in World of Warcraft can directly affect a player's game experience, and the experience is completely different between classes that can enter a group just by finding a group and classes that have been standing in the main city for a day with no group.

The shaman is the class with the lowest number of classes in all versions, and at the same time the class with the highest employment rate. Especially in the TBC version only shaman will bloodlust, and bloodlust is shared by the squad, so the demand for shaman is higher, even to the sun well, just full level a green shaman can quickly find the team into the copy of difficult equipment. Therefore, if you pay more attention to employment, or lone wolf players, then you must choose a shaman as a starter, shaman up and then practice trumpet is.

In fact, except for the thief in the early version, the employment rate of the other classes is not bad, just far from the height of the shaman, after all, the shaman is the only class in the TBC version that can enter the group without looking at equipment and talent.

Select first classes by playability

For World of Warcraft players, when choosing classes, in addition to DPS and employment rate, the playability of classes is also very important. So which classes have the highest playability in the TBC version? The answer is the druid.

In the level 60 version, the tank talent druid can only do deputy T, healing talent druid is basically the bottom healing, physical output talent druid is just a flash in the pan, the balance talent druid is even more extinct. The TBC version of the tank talent druid status directly beyond the defensive battle, become the 70 level deserved MT, although in individual boss battle is still weak than the defensive battle, such as Elysian, but in the majority of copies of the tank talent druid are better than the defensive battle. At the same time, both the healing druid and the balanced talent druid are remarkable in TBC.

In addition to PVE performance, the performance of the druid in PVP is also very strong, the tank talent druid flagging basically invincible, while the healing talent druid in the arena is a popular classes to take dragons, in the S4 season, the druid is also the highest proportion of the top 100 classes, so the druid is the most playable classes in the TBC version.


Compared to the classes situation of level 60, level 70 is more blossoming, but it doesn't mean that every classes can get the exact same experience. If you're looking for DPS, you can choose Hunter and Warlock (choose Thief and Berserker in the later stages), if you're looking for employment, you must choose Shaman, and if you're looking for playability, you can try Druid.

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