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The amount of rare items in Escape From Tarkov is quite daunting
The Paca reinforcement can be bought for 20,384 rubles and the protective cap for 17,850 rubles. These are the least expensive low-level protective layer that can be gotten from Ragman and function admirably enough for simply beginning in the game You can likewise add an apparatus, for example, a W-Trig to this work for additional extra room on the off chance that you feel the need, and you are not limited to a gun either. You can buy a SKS, which can be stacked without exchanging magazines, and spares a smidgen of time while in battle. A SKS can be bought from Prapor level 1 and costs 22,630 rubles. 

In Escape From Tarkov Roubles, the Flea Market is likely the most suitable bit of the riddle. It holds the entirety of the things recorded both by the game's merchants and human players, so its resources lead to more normal finishing of assignments given by exactly the same brokers. In any case, the FLEA market is likewise utilized with terrible intentions.What sort of awful aims? Indeed, since the absolute first version of the FLEA market, players have found it could likewise be utilized as a device to twofold your pay. It's the assaults you can profit by, but on the other hand it's the Auction House that holds a large number of postings, some less expensive, some more costly.

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