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XD Movie Therter
4d movie theater is a kind of new cinema most same as 5D XD, it's also motion cinema, with motion chair and all special effects. Also it basic on 3D cinema, 3D cinema more than 70 seats. With normal chair, can not move. Usually with film projector and initiative plastic 3D glasses, you will feeling all scene front in your eye. You will feeling you can touch them. We can provide whole design, you just let me know your room dimension and plan. We will give you layout and effects picture. After you confirmed, we will give you complete solution.
3DOF Electronic Motion Effects of Dynamic Chair
4d movie theater Motion Seat is high technology 3dof crank electric motion platform seat, according to specific theaters,there are different attractive designs of seats for customers, such as 4 seats in one row,5 seats in one row,2 seats in one row, etc,the material is custom made by our customer鈥檚 requests, such as PU leather, etc,they are able to syn with Hollywood movies perfectly in 4D Cinema or Theater,it also can realize the realistic feelings of vibrating, sweep leg,sway&twist, back shaker, bottom shaker, face air, etc.
3DOF Electronic Platform Advantages:
Movement Accuracy
Motion Positioning Precision 0.1mm,
Dynamic Response Time 0.05s,
Synchronization Accuracy 1 Frame
Choosing precision servo reducer, low-speed operation smoothly, strong anti-load ability. It is suitable for instantaneous load fluctuation, high-speed response, and rapid start, improving the dynamic simulation performance of the motion seat completely.
Low Noise
Simple Product Mechanical Structure
Low Noise
Design Noise 30dB;
By using new crank swing-arm mechanical structure,it has the functions of wear resistance,high precision&stable performance
Various Seat Styles
A variety of styles, color optional or exclusively custom-made according to customers' request;
Low Maintenance Cost
The screw&electric cylinder takes 1-3 years for one-time replacement according to different products, however, crank swing-arm mechanical structure is up to 8 yearsXD Movie Therter

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