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SilentHeroes 13 year anniversary
Today is the 13th anniversary of SilentHeroes's first public release.

The experience from the development process helped many of us to go forward and succeed in real jobs and the amount of fun we had both during the many months of first internal development and then later playing with everyone once it was released is hard to beat.

Thanks to all that has stuck around with the mod for this long.
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  • EmBra, Mr Nice Guy
SH is still played sometimes as a stand alone bot server.  Cool

No game or simulation has ever even come close to the game play
of Flisa, Narvik, Lingonstigen or Skogsväg, but to name a few... 


I've got two desks side by side in my livingroom with two computers
that sometimes gets used for SH duels...  The presige and honour of
those fights - enhanced by cold beer - is monumental!

SH will never die! Heart






After more than 13 years of computer technology improvements the state of the art multiplayer game
World of Tanks still haven't come close to the game play of SilentHeroes.

But it is obvious where the inspiration (or copying) has come from, as the game looks more and more like
the Engerdal, Narvik or Kongsheim SH maps...


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