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The status of the forum
Technology advances and kills what is left behind. The platform we have used to drive the forum and the CMS for the website was phpBB2 and CategoriesMod -- both have been out of development for years and the latter even disappeared from the web around 2012 and no trace of the author can be found.

The forum was written for PHP 4 and later adjusted up to PHP 5.3 - sadly our webhost has now pushed through the upgrade to PHP 7 that removes a lot of functions that was deprecated in 5.x branch of PHP, causing the old PHP to fail completely.

An attempt have been done to upgrade the PHP code, but the work needed is so extensive and it would still mean we would be on an out-dated core of an unsafe and poorly written forum platform that we have now decided to migrate to a new platform.

Sadly the usage of phpBB2, being as old as it is and then us using the fully modded back-end in CategoriesMod, removes any chance of using existing upgrade/migrate solutions.

So...currently there is no chance to save all the old data from forum-posts, without coding a custom migration tool ourselves. Currently we do not have the time or resources to do this undertaking. Just extracting user-data and migrating the minimal amount of data needed to generate a user profile, together with getting a new forum platform up an running, has taken the full weekend, thanks to impure data, slow connection and issues stemming from shared web-hosting.

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