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Heart Viggen flyger än i DCS
Posted by: Boss_Man - 21-05-2018, 10:28 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (1)

[Image: th_932417416_01_122_392lo.jpg]

Men titta där! Någonting som ingen har sett någonsin.  Smile

[Image: th_932419746_02_122_571lo.jpg]

Ett customskin gjort bara åt mig, för där står det BOSSMAN, mitt spel-öknamn
ända sen Unreals dagar!  Cool

Bråvallas emblem och Norrköpings stadsvapen!  Smile

[Image: th_932420439_04_122_598lo.jpg]

Det är inte riktigt klart än, men i mina ögon ser det helt perfekt ut!

[Image: th_932421117_05_122_52lo.jpg]

Och det finns än så länge bara i ett enda exemplar!  Cool

[Image: th_932422359_06_122_339lo.jpg]

Det är min skytteinstruktör som skapar såhär mäktiga målningar!  Heart

- - - - -


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  Meteorite Defense Command to be released 1st of June 2018
Posted by: Zarkow - 18-05-2018, 02:52 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (4)

The official Steam page for the coming game Meteorite Defense Command is now public over at: https://store.steampowered.com/app/76784...e_Command/

The game is a fun, color-full and fast game, inspired by the classical coin-operated arcade games of the golden era. Retail price of 1.99 USD (local variations apply).


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  How do I use this admin command?
Posted by: professor_smith - 23-01-2018, 06:49 AM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (1)

Hello Folks,
     My name is Joshua Hales (known as Professor_Smith in the Bf1942 forums and Grand_Admiral on the servers).  I am working on playtesting & doing finishing touches for my minimod, HTroop v1.1, but in the mod near the end of most maps, there are usually bot scouts (using the rocketpack) up in the air, avoiding getting wacked by their opponents.  However, the problem, is that they are so smart, that they refuse to come down out of the air, unless there are no enemies around at the time.
     So, I looked up some admin commands, and found this one:

game.killPlayer [ID]

     I know I can type this into the admin console to have effect, and I think I can use it to kill off any rocketpack hovering scouts refusing to let the map end.  However, how do I know what number ID or whatever ID, should go in the [ID] slot?  Also, do I use the brackets [ and ], in the command?

     I was also wondering if there was a way (a command or a button I can program in) to kill all the remaining bots at the same time in a map?

Thank You,

Joshua Hales
Professor Smith

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Bug Elakt forum...
Posted by: Boss_Man - 17-12-2017, 08:40 AM - Forum: General Support - Replies (1)

Tja Z! Smile

Ibland när jag postar åker jag på en sån här "avstängning":


Please correct the following errors before continuing:

* You are trying to post a message too quickly after a previous message.
Please wait 2900 more seconds.


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Lightbulb 2017 Storkrig i mellandagarna?
Posted by: Boss_Man - 12-10-2017, 04:01 AM - Forum: Call To War - Replies (50)


Finns det ett intresse för Stor-Krig i mellandagarna 2017?

Jag vill ha hjälp av minst 2 funktionärer, men först kollar vi hur många vi skulle kunna få ihop.

Visst är jag tidigt ute nu, men det tror jag vi måste.

Klipp och klistra:    Cool

- - - - -

Vi vill ha ett SH Storkrig i mellandagarna 2017!


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Information Några spelar SH!
Posted by: Boss_Man - 15-07-2017, 04:04 AM - Forum: Off Topic - No Replies

Ryktet säger att det var några inne på Chips server och lirade för bara någon
kväll sedan!


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Information Downloads
Posted by: chips - 11-07-2017, 10:03 PM - Forum: General Support - Replies (3)

Everything you need to play SilentHeroes. Tested with Windows 10.

Download: SilentHeroes 1.2 + Custom maps + BF1942 (2GB) - (Mirror)

Custom maps (included in zip above):
Chips custom maps
All custom maps

More downloads: here
Server list: http://master.bf1942.sk/

Issues & solutions:
- You might have to enable DirectPlay
- Fov fix for widescreen monitors

[Image: b_560_95_1.png]

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  BF2, BF2142
Posted by: Prylen - 17-06-2017, 06:32 AM - Forum: Off Topic - No Replies


Länk för att kunna spela BF2, BF2142 igen. Faktiskt folk som spelar det fortfarande.


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  HTroop Update To v1.0b82, Released!
Posted by: professor_smith - 28-04-2017, 05:46 AM - Forum: Off Topic - No Replies

The HTroop Update To v1.0b82 has been released. Find it on the htroop.mricesolutions.com, Downloads page. If you do not see it on the downloads page, hold your Control key and hit the F5 key, to force the downloads page to refresh.

Check out the HTroop v1.0b82 teaser trailer (created by JimProGamer), here:


Joshua Hales
Professor Smith

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  Seeking a Server Owner Willing to run HTroop v1.0b81 on their server
Posted by: professor_smith - 15-03-2017, 09:26 PM - Forum: Call To War - No Replies

     Most of you know me by now.  My name is Joshua Hales (known as Professor Smith in the various Bf1942 Forums, and as Grand Admiral on the various Bf1942 Servers - in which I have frequented and performed my duties as a serious and supportive fellow soldier).  I am seeking a server owner that is willing to place my (not so mini) mini-mod, HTroop v1.0b81 on their gaming server.  I guarantee that you will have players.  There are many that have downloaded and installed HTroop, but are just waiting for me to place it on a server, so that they can play.  I even game Bf1942 mod reviewers on standby, waiting for an HTroop server to go up, so that they can livestream as they play and review it (which will also bring players to your server).  It is a lot to download and install, but if you think about it, a lot of the mods HTroop requires to run, are mods that you yourselves area already running on your servers (such as Road to Rome, Secret Weapons of WWII, Forgotten Hope, Desert Combat, and more).  So installing a few extra smaller mods and then a larger one (HTroop v1.0b81), wouldn't be much wast of hd space.
     If you are truly interested in running an HTroop server (and promise that you won't change the mod - i.e. server side modding it, so that players can't enter uncapturable bases, or changing the game mechanics, etc.), please contact me by replying to this post or PMing me.
     To download HTroop and all its required mods, please visit (and register for if you do not yet have an activated account):  htroop.mricesolutions.com

Thank You,

Joshua Hales
Professor Smith

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